Nonie has a new jacket!

Nonie has a new jacket!

Over the years, Threads has appeared in a variety of covers around the world. One of the things that most surprised me when the book came out, six years ago, was that it would be translated into Norwegian, and Brazilian Portuguese, and French and German and Croation and Japanese and … a whole host of languages, not many of which I speak. Nonie and Co are much better travelled than me. I loved the French cover (which was cartoon-like, and

“My books are like my diary” – interview

“My books are like my diary” – interview

Last month I was lucky enough to go to Germany and visit TWO literature festivals. I met up with my lovey publisher, Barry Cunningham, and together we raced some German bloggers in an egg and spoon race while wearing chicken hats (long story). I also spoke to a couple of schools in Leipzig and a very BIG theatre full of German students in Cologne. One of my favourite bits was this interview, which I did after the egg and spoon

Frozen, heels, and action heroines

Frozen, heels, and action heroines

As well as doing my blog tour, which started yesterday (hooray!), I’ve also been writing posts for a few other places. For example, you can find me on the Booktrust’s blog, talking about what’s wrong with Elsa’s transformation scene in Frozen (which I generally loved, by the way). And on We Love This Book, talking about girl spies and detectives in fiction. (Big thanks to both sites for their reviews of the book, by the way, which are here and


Today, thanks to the awesome blogger, Lucy The Reader, we are celebrating UKYA Day. This is all about reading and recommending YA books by UK-based writers. There are so many good ones, whatever genre you like reading! For some great ideas, why not head here:, or here:

What, Why and How I Write

There’s an ongoing blog tour about the writing process in which authors answer the following four questions: 1. What am I working on? 2. How does my work differ from others in the genre? 3. Why do I write what I do? 4. How does my writing process work? If you’d like to know what my answers are, check out today’s blog post, here. Next week, the lovely Lara Williamson, author of A Boy Called Hope, will be posting her

Booktrust Best Book Awards

So, er … this. A new book prize has been announced: the Best Book Awards, run by a national reading charity called Booktrust. I love what they do. They’re all about getting people reading – adults and children – and they know that the way to get reading is to find something you love. They don’t care if it’s classic literature or a simple, funny book that makes you giggle. They’ve got the science to prove that reading changes lives

World Book Day – Days 2, 3, 4 and 5 …

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. When I see my agent next week and she asks me how far I’ve got with the new book and the answer is ‘My dog ate my homework’ … this is the real reason why. World Book Day. It turns out that World Book Day is actually World Book About-Two-Weeks and I’ve been visiting schools and talking to readers. Lots and lots of lovely readers. Readers who also write, lots of them, and

New book out in August

Well, hooray! After lots and lots of writing this time last year, and lots and lots of editing in the autumn and winter, I’ve just finished my latest book for Chicken House. It’s an adventure story called The Castle, and it will be out in August, so look out for it then. Luurving the cover. Thank you, Chicken House. Here’s the latest (but not necessarily final) version. Check it out! In many ways, The Castle is a continuation of all

X Factor – The Daisy Chains

I’ve been editing madly over the last few days, and organising a seven year old’s dream Star Wars party, so I haven’t managed to keep up with X Factor. However, my lovely Twitter friends tell me that watching the programme this weekend was a bit like reading You Don’t Know Me. It wasn’t quite the same plot. Instead of asking one girl to leave, they asked one girl from a band called The Daisy Chains to stay – as a

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