August booky things

The month of August isn’t generally a super-busy one for books. Everyone’s on holiday, or gearing up for September, when the deluge of Christmas-ready publications will begin. Watch out! You’re about to be submerged … However, it’s been a busy enough month for me. The Castle came out, of course (although I’m saving my blog tour and book tour for September, when everyone will be back), and I got to go to the Edinburgh Book Festival, which is always a

Castle blog tour … coming up

I’m very pleased to announce that I shall be touring some of my favourite YA and MG blogs in September, talking about The Castle, which is officially out tomorrow! Yay! Reviews and a giveaway will be included, as well as some of the background on how and why I wrote the book, and more than one secret you didn’t know before … Here’s where to find me. And thank you, everyone, for hosting me:

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