I love World Book Day – or World Book Week, as we children’s authors tend to think of it, as we’re booked up back-to-back for days by schools. This year I was asked to contribute to a blog about inspirational books by Champneys (the spa people). You can find all the suggestions here. My contributions include Becoming by Michelle Obama and Into the Pleasure Groove by John Taylor from Duran Duran. I recommend them both gladly, depending on what sort of mood you’re in.

I’ll be visiting schools in North London and Kent this year, including the Weald of Kent Grammar School, where I’m Patron of Reading. There’s a lot going on in my publishing life at the moment, so I think by then I’ll have plenty to talk about – as well as reflecting on my writing career so far.

Do you have plans for World Book Day? There’s no need to buy a plastic outfit online that you’ll never wear again. All it takes is a book, a cup of tea and five minutes to yourself. Or, even better, sharing a book with someone else. I’ll be reading aloud to lots of children and if I’m lucky I might get someone to read aloud to me. It’s a beautiful thing to share.

Happy reading!

Sophia x

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