The Bigger Picture

In 1971 Linda Nochlin wrote an essay called ‘Why are there no great women artists?’ She didn’t mean there weren’t any, but that we find it hard to name them. Have a think – you know Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh and Picasso, but how many great women artists can you name?

I’ve been working with Tate Publishing on a beautifully illustrated book about great women in art. Well, after this book, it will be a lot more!

Women have been making great art for thousands of years, but most of them have been anonymous. THE BIGGER PICTURE describes the amazing lives and process of 30 female artists, many of whom are alive today. Some even did interviews for the book. And it’s thanks to the work of lots of other women that we know so much more about them than we used to – the curators, writers and collectors who have helped put women on the art map, where they belong. I’m so pleased that Linda Nochlin herself made it into the book too.

Dealing with mental health issues, fear of failure and pressures of race and gender, they have used their struggles to make great art. From Frida Kahlo to Yayoi Kusama, they all have stories to give you hope and make you aspire to change the world, the way they changed it for us.

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