ProfileMy name’s Sophia Bennett, and I write about girls discovering their inner power. Sometimes they’re fashion designers, sometimes they’re would-be pop stars, and sometimes they’re spies. They’re always a lot braver than they know, and I love it when they finally figure that out.

I’m inspired by creativity, courage and kindness – so I explore the worlds of artists, musicians, adventurers and friends who change the world. If you like tucking yourself under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a book, and reading way past your bedtime, then my books are for you.

Since I won the Times/Chicken House competition in 2009, they’ve been published around the world, from Germany to Brazil and Japan. (Japan. Seriously. Isn’t that amazing? I have a great imagination but I never imagined that.) When I’m not writing them, I tend to be at home in London with my family,  travelling to schools talking about writing, or teaching budding writers.

Here’s the story of how I came to be published …

I possibly spend too much time wondering what it’s like to be a designer, or a model, or a reality TV reject, or to accidentally stow away on a superyacht, end up on a billionaire’s private island and try to save a whole country from an evil dictator, or to pose for a Pre-Raphaelite painter. Luckily, that’s my job.

And these are my books

And this is me in Waterstones Piccadilly, talking about some of the books I read growing up. From Nancy Drew to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – are any of your favourites here too?





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