The best thing in the world is meeting readers. And young writers too.

I visit schools a lot, to talk about the importance of reading for pleasure, the joys (and amazing career options) of being creative, and what it’s like to be a writer: all the things nobody told me when I was at school, and that I was so desperate to know.

Do you want to inspire a class to write, to consider tough issues like body image or cyberbullying, or to experience the joy of art? I work with Key Stage 2 and 3 to get young imaginations working. I also talk from personal experience about the persistence it takes, and the joy if you’re successful, to follow your dream career.  If you’d like more details about my school visits, you can download a brochure that tells you all (I hope) you need to know: School visit brochure.

One of my goals is to help girls grow in confidence. In Winning Like a Girl, I give a talk to Years 8-12 that includes life hacks for coping with difficult situations while remaining true to yourself. This is a talk that is very important to me. There is nothing like the emotion of seeing 200 girls standing up together and shouting their power word.

If you’d like me to visit your school, book club or event, you can contact me direct, or find me on Authors Aloud. If you want to know more, I’m happy to talk you through a typical visit – or a non-typical one – but to make an author visit really swing, check out the wonderful Sarah McIntyre’s ’25 tips for hosting an awesome author visit’. (Warning: unlike Sarah, I do not come dressed as a superhero. I will, however, cut ribbons if requested. And indeed have.)

School visits - hands



Thank you so much for a fabulous day yesterday. When I asked the children you worked with for a few words to describe it to put in the newsletter they were unanimous ; “awesome,” “inspiring” and “she was so cool”!

Librarian, East Hertfordshire

Thank you SO much for yesterday. There was a real buzz around school when I got back. As staff we all thought your talk was perfectly aimed and the creative writing exercise was a stroke of genius.

Librarian, Colchester

Wow!  That was an amazing visit, thank you so much.  My favourite part of it was when you got us to write our own story and you gave us tips.  Thank you so much, you have really inspired me.’

Year 7 schoolgirl, Kent

“I have had really positive feedback from all the girls who thought you were rather wonderful”

Librarian, Hertfordshire












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