Travels …

One of my readers from India has just sent me some wonderful pictures of her trip to Agra, Udaipur and Ahmedabad. Here’s the Taj Mahal, which inspired Crow so profoundly in book 2. How could it not, when it’s so magnificent? Meanwhile, I shall be off travelling soon too. Not quite as far as Agra, but to interesting places all the same. It’s hard to picture at the moment, as I sit here with the tail end of a virus

US cover reveal!

It’s not out until 2013, but Siobhan, my lovely editor in NYC (can I tell  you how much I enjoy writing that?) has just shared with me what Scholastic are planning for the cover of The Look in the US. [Update: she’s written a comment about it below, by the way. Fascinating! See if you can spot it.] It’s different. It’s arresting. It doesn’t shy away from post-chemo hair, and for that I admire it. What do you think? Which

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