And then it was off to Hay …. I’ve been there when it’s very very sunny (when it’s the best place in the WORLD) and when it’s very very rainy (when it’s merely ONE of the best places in the world). On the last Tuesday in May it was very very rainy. Thank goodness – and Vivienne Westwood – I was wearing plastic shoes: I was there to do a talk with two of my favourite writer friends, Sarah Webb

Launching and lunching in Belgium

At the end of May, it was off to Belgium with Barry Cunningham, to launch The Look and a couple of other Chicken House books in Flanders. Turns out Flanders has a thriving book trade. Didn’t know this. Do now.   It also has fabulous food. I did know this, and Barry and I sampled quite a lot of it during the 36 hours we were there. Our buffet tables were even decorated with chickens. That’s what I call attention

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