Threads on audiobook

Hooray! Threads is, at last, available on audiobook, read by the lovely Suzy Aitchison. I know for a fact she’s done a brilliant job because I visited her in the studio in Bath where she recorded it, and heard her do some of the good bits (like the scene at Central Saint Martins, which is a favourite of mine). So if you want to hear the story and don’t want the hassle of turning pages, reading words and all that

Girls Heart Books

A few weeks ago, a bunch of us writers-for-girls-type-people joined together to create a new website, called Girls Heart Books. It was the idea of Jo Cotterill, helped out by Susie Day. Cathy Cassidy is a member (yay!), as are Sarah Webb, Judi Curtin, Maggi Gibson, Luisa Plaja, Keris Stainton, Kay Woodward, Tamsyn Murray and lots of my other writer friends, plus many more. There are 31 of us, in fact. Enough to produce a new blog post every day,

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