A few weeks ago, a bunch of us writers-for-girls-type-people joined together to create a new website, called Girls Heart Books. It was the idea of Jo Cotterill, helped out by Susie Day. Cathy Cassidy is a member (yay!), as are Sarah Webb, Judi Curtin, Maggi Gibson, Luisa Plaja, Keris Stainton, Kay Woodward, Tamsyn Murray and lots of my other writer friends, plus many more.

There are 31 of us, in fact. Enough to produce a new blog post every day, so check out Girls Heart Books and see what we’ve been up to. My first post is due on 14th May.

Here’s a list of all of us, so you can see if your favourite people are there. It’s in alphabetical order by first name, in case you were wondering. (If you do it alphabetically by surname, I’m first! Now, why didn’t they do it that way?)

Contributing authors:

Anna Carey, Anne-Marie Conway, Cathy Cassidy, Cathy Hopkins, Diane Messidoro, Fiona Dunbar, Griselda Gifford, Hilary Freeman, Jo Cotterill, Joan Lennon, Joanna Nadin, Judi Curtin, Julie Sykes, Karen King, Karen McCombie, Kate Maryon, Kay Woodward, Keris Stainton, Leila Rasheed, Linda Chapman, Lisa Clark, Liz Kessler, Luisa Plaja, Maggi Gibson, Rosalie Warren, Sarah Webb, Sophia Bennett (me), Sue Mongredien, Susie Day, Tamsyn Murray, Wendy Meddour.

Check it out!

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