The podcast is finally ready to share!

I’ve been making this over the last six months with my brother, Christopher, who’s been a brilliant cheerleader, sounding board, tech guy and producer. It’s given me the chance to talk to friends in the industry about what it takes to get your book published, and how they work as successful writers and editors. I’ve loved every minute. Hope you do too.

Here’s what it says:

It can be a lonely place, working on your manuscript and never being sure if anyone will like it. If you want to hear successful writers and editors talking about how they got started, which writing tips they recommend, and what today’s publishers are looking for, this podcast is for you. Don’t forget, ‘writing is rewriting’ – but sometimes it is also listening. We hope you enjoy the conversation. You can follow us on Twitter at @prepubpodcast

And you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Acast or wherever you get your podcasts, or at the website:

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