What I’m reading … Jarred Dreams

As someone who tried to get published for ten years before my first book was launched, I’m always so excited for new writers. Especially writers I know. So I’m THRILLED and proud that one of my recent  students has just published her first book. She is Camilla Chester, and her book is called Jarred Dreams. It was shortlisted in the National Literacy Trust New Author Prize 2015 in conjunction with Bloomsbury. I’ve just started to read it and can’t wait

Winning Like A Girl

I’m so excited to be working on my new talk for Years 9-12 in secondary schools. It’s called Winning Like A Girl, and it’s all about how to be confident and successful while staying true to who you are. (And if that’s just a little bit weird, no problem.) I tried the talk out on 90 girls at a school in Westminster last term and had the best morning. They were brilliant – doing power poses and shouting out their

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