As someone who tried to get published for ten years before my first book was launched, I’m always so excited for new writers. Especially writers I know. So I’m THRILLED and proud that one of my recent  students has just published her first book. She is Camilla Chester, and her book is called Jarred Dreams. It was shortlisted in the National Literacy Trust New Author Prize 2015 in conjunction with Bloomsbury. I’ve just started to read it and can’t wait to see what happens next …

This is what it’s about:

Through the silent, grey streets of Stanbridge he creeps, the Dream Thief who captures the joy of children’s dreams and drains the colour from their lives. Until the day that 12-year-old Sade moves into town with her bright blonde curls and love of art…. She knows something is terribly wrong, but can she find out what it is before she loses everything she loves, including her own dreams?

Cover JDs

“Brilliant suspense.” Tom, Y6.

“Really intriguing.” Millie, Y5

“A gripping story that I couldn’t put down.” Suse, Y7

The cover design and illustrations were created by Andrew Hunt.

You can buy it by clicking here.


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