I’ve been looking at my wardrobe (this is not uncommon) wondering what to wear. Festival time is here. Tomorrow I’ll be onstage at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham, and over the next few weeks I’ll be in Derby, Chichester, London for YALC, Scotland for Wigtown, Bath, the Isle of Wight and more, meeting up with other writers, talking about books, and best of all, meeting YOU. Readers. People who love a celebration – especially one that celebrates books.

Which brings me back to my wardrobe. The best festivals have a party atmosphere and I love to dress up to mark the occasion. I have been known to wear sequins, and plastic shoes with hearts on, and t-shirts bedecked with sparkles. However, today I sit here in London typing, in a jumper and down coat, trying to keep warm. It’s not exactly festival gear.

Except, maybe it is. Remember Kate Moss in her wellies? It is a look I may be channeling at a festival near you soon …



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