The month of August isn’t generally a super-busy one for books. Everyone’s on holiday, or gearing up for September, when the deluge of Christmas-ready publications will begin. Watch out! You’re about to be submerged …

However, it’s been a busy enough month for me. The Castle came out, of course (although I’m saving my blog tour and book tour for September, when everyone will be back), and I got to go to the Edinburgh Book Festival, which is always a big yay – especially when you’re doing it with Holly Smale of Geek Girl fame –  and which I wrote a bit about on my blog yesterday.

I’ve also busy recording a couple of readings of The Castle to go up on this site, so look out for those soon, and I’ve just had the first review of You Don’t Know Me in German, after it came out there, in German, last week. Interestingly, they’re launching it on Kindle first and in paperback later on. We’ll see what happens.

I love the cover, and the brave title they’ve given the book:

YDKMGermany‘Raus mit der dicken’ roughly translates as ‘Out with the thick one’, which is very close to the original title I had: Drop The Fat Girl. This is the hashtag term used by lots of the cyberbullies who hound three of the girls in the band for ditching their best singer because she didn’t ‘look right’. It’s a horrible term, mean and designed to set you on edge – and therefore an out-there title for a book, I think. Let’s see if German readers appreciate how it’s intended. I hope they do.

Meanwhile, that cover sums up the Manic Pixie Dream Girls perfectly. It’s happy, a bit gawky, a bit retro, a bit arty, and shows what’s at stake when they split up and the bullying begins. I think it’s great. You go, little book!

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