I’ve been editing madly over the last few days, and organising a seven year old’s dream Star Wars party, so I haven’t managed to keep up with X Factor. However, my lovely Twitter friends tell me that watching the programme this weekend was a bit like reading You Don’t Know Me.

It wasn’t quite the same plot. Instead of asking one girl to leave, they asked one girl from a band called The Daisy Chains to stay – as a soloist. I thought they’d moved beyond the obvious telly manipulation of splitting up a group of friends but apparently not. It still makes for Saturday night entertainment. And to my surprise the girl in question went along with it. Having promised they’d all stick together, I hear she decided to go solo after all. And didn’t make it through the next round.

The general public reaction seems to have been the same: disappointment that the other friends didn’t stick by her when she had her chance. So there are three girls who used to have a friendship and a common love of singing, and who now aren’t really talking to each other. All for the sake of 5 minutes of reality TV. I hope Gary Barlow thinks it’s worth it.

Once upon a time, there were a group of boys who auditioned for a young talent scout called Simon Cowell. He told them he’d sign them up if they ‘dropped the fat one’, but they decided to stick together, and didn’t take the deal. The ‘fat one’ was Gary Barlow.

Whatever happened to Take That …?

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