It’s been a busy couple of weeks. When I see my agent next week and she asks me how far I’ve got with the new book and the answer is ‘My dog ate my homework’ … this is the real reason why.


World Book Day.

It turns out that World Book Day is actually World Book About-Two-Weeks and I’ve been visiting schools and talking to readers. Lots and lots of lovely readers. Readers who also write, lots of them, and write very well. And I’ve been talking to art teachers, textiles teachers, English teachers and especially librarians. Lots of them – bright and enthusiastic people who are working hard to create an inspiring space in their school where students can come along, stretch their brains and discover new worlds. I’ve met boys and girls in Tonbridge and St Albans, Ickenham and New Malden. It’s been fantastic.

Hillview 2014 - 01 (Art at Hillview by Ella Cocker. This could so easily be a Threads cover.)

LoretoCollege(BBC photo – I forgot to take any at Loreto College, except of the board in the library. Ditto at Douay Martyrs. Sorry!)

Oh, and I was a ‘runner’ for a quiz for South London schools, which meant I had to dash around collecting papers after each round and hand them to the judges. The questions were great – ‘Guess the Author’ picture round, tricky things about the Classics, and Myths, and Contemporary stories, and my favourite – the ‘Guess the Cover’ picture round. I got all but one of those!


I was also a raffle prize. I was won by Emanuel School and I hope I’ll be visiting them soon. So as you can see, busy, busy, busy …

'We Don't Know' - the Emanuel winning team(The winning team from Emanuel. See you soon, guys!)

If I came to your school, thank you for having me. I enjoyed each and every one. And if I didn’t … Maybe next year. Ask me! You never know.


(Tea and a biscuit at Coombe.)

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