1857 is about to become 1858. Mary Adams has become Persephone Lavelle, the darling of the Pre-Raphaelite art world, but she is barred from seeing the one man she truly loves. She’s tired of London and longs for a new adventure. So when her rich friend Kitty invites her to stay in a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice, there is nowhere she would rather go.

Kitty is in love, but dark forces are at work, strong feeling are in play, and when Persephone meets a masked Harlequin on a gondola one dusky afternoon, she steps into a world of danger and betrayal.

Venice in Winter #10, credit Robert Mertens
Unveiling Venus is for older readers of  Hetty Feather and A Little Princess, The Ruby in the Smoke, Luxe and the dark stories of Edgar Allen Poe. I am a big Henry James fan and though these books are set a little earlier than his, he has inspired them too.Find out more here.

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