3 books arrived in the post yesterday, in a thick padded envelope with a tell-tale, yolk-yellow Chicken House label. I always love it when the postwoman delivers one of those.

I got to see Love Song with its final cover for the first time, and that was so exciting! Best of all, there is a QR code on the page with the playlist at the back, so you can tune into Spotify and hear all the songs I mention in the book. Brilliant idea. Love it. (And it took me an age to compile that Spotify playlist, so I hope lots of readers get to enjoy it.)

Also, I saw (and felt) the new covers for The Look and You Don’t Know Me, which were rejacketed to fit with the new look for all my books. (The Castle hasn’t been done yet, but will in time.) These are a mixture of matt and glossy, and very strokable, which I always like in a cover. I think The Look, with its watercolour background and fab title font, is beautiful. And You Don’t Know Me is suitably dark and mysterious.

They’ll be out in the next few weeks, so if you spot one in a bookshop, please let me know. It’s great to get them in a padded envelope, but seeing them out in the wild is better. And seeing them old and battered, in the hands of someone who’s read them a million times and quite possibly dropped them in the bath, is best of all …

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