Pigpen codeWow. Just a great big huge THANK YOU to every lovely librarian, English teacher and bookseller who has helped me on my amazing book tour for The Castle. (If you were there, you’ll know what this code says. If you weren’t … see if you can work it out.)

Thank you for every brownie, cup of coffee, much-needed biscuit, bunch of flowers, batch of letters and perfectly organised library or school hall.

Thank you to all the Year 5-9s who’ve come along and been FANTASTIC. Thank you for every book you asked me to sign and great question you asked (there were so many), and for your name, if you wrote it down and let me steal it, and for listening so brilliantly – and thank you ESPECIALLY if you were brave enough to come up and tell me you’ve read one of my books over and over and it’s special to you. That means more to me than you can possibly know.

I’ll miss this book tour. It’s been a lot of work and travel, but I’ve got way more pleasure out of it than I deserved. However, I have a new book to write, and a book after that, and I know that some of you are waiting for those, so I must get on …

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