So what will 2013 hold?

Being a writer is a scary, roller-coaster ride. You do all your most important work alone, in the dark, not knowing if it will work, or anyone will like it. Writing the first book is best in many ways, because you have a million dreams and no expectations. Anything that happens that isn’t a downright rejection is good. After that, it only gets harder.

But there are compensations. Once a book is published, it takes on a life of its own. I’ve been very very lucky with Threads and The Look, in that they’ve gone round the world for me, travelling to exotic locations like Indonesia and Brazil, and even China. Funnily enough, although I had so many pipe dreams for Threads, as every writer does (the film deal, the clothing line, the pencil cases …) I never for a moment thought about foreign editions. Now my shed is full of them. Seriously, if you know of anyone who could do with a lot of copies of a book in Norwegian, let me know.

Threads 3 has just come out in Germany. I’m so sad to be saying goodbye to the series. Meanwhile, ‘The Look’ will be out in the US this spring, and in France and Holland soon, I think. In May, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is due to come out in the UK. By then, I’ll be busy writing the next story, and travelling around myself, to talk about being a writer. But not to China and Brazil, sadly. I’ll have to leave that to the books for now …


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