I’m off to Ireland in October. Not only that, but on tour! With the amazing Sarah Webb, who writes the Ask Amy Green  series, and Judi Curtin, who writes the Alice and Megan series. There’s going to be a competition soon, in honour of the tour, which I’ll tell you all about when it’s ready. Meanwhile, we have a title, a logo, and even a playlist. We’ll be visiting a top department store called Brown Thomas in Dublin and doing cool, fashiony thing, and we’ll be on the radio and maybe even TV.


A lot of fun, that’s how much.

If you’re Irish, or going to be in Ireland in October, then come and see us. Here are the details you need.

Tour: ‘Your Wildest Dreams’: What’s your wildest dream? To be an actor? A professional dancer? To win the X Factor? Or maybe even be a writer? We all dreamed of one day becoming writers. Discover how all our dreams came true and more

Places: Limerick, Cork and Dublin

Dates: 13-16 October

Logo: Zoe, who did the amazing illustrations on this website, created the logo for us. Here it is. Aren’t we lucky? Go Zoe. The girl with the curly hair has me dreaming already.

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