“Everything about the setting of You Don’t Know Me feels contemporary and immediate and I know teens will just eat this one up. … There are numerous issues that are tackled throughout You Don’t Know Me that are so important, especially to teenage girls and I’m so impressed with the way the body image element was handled throughout the story.  … You Don’t Know Me is funny, touching and a beautiful coming of age story that I already can’t wait to reread.”
Writing From The Tub

“This is a must read, especially for summer. It’s perfect for reading on the beach and if you don’t read it, you’re missing out, big time! Fabulous, poignant and relatable! 5/5.”
The Mile Long Bookshelf

“I loved seeing the role that social media had within the book and the way in which it just heightened all the issues the girls were facing because of the input of hundreds of thousands of strangers. Quite honestly I was completely fascinated by this aspect all the way through and it made me think about the role it plays in society and how it isn’t always a good thing … All in all a brilliant read”
The Overflowing Library

“Another cracker of a story from Sophia Bennett that blends morals and manic laughs into a nicer shaped tale about music and relationships.” Sister Spooky 

“This book had the most fantastic blend of funny and serious, mixing privacy control and death threats with songs about sunglasses and dressing up! It made me cry and laugh, sometimes both, and comes highly recommended.”
An Awful Lot of Reading

You Don’t Know Me is one of the best YA novels around at the moment … What could have been predictable in another author’s hands is a great story that is sensitively and wittily written.
The South China Morning Post

As part of the blog tour for You Don’t Know Me, I did an interview for the lovely Iffath at Painting With W0rds. It covers my writing and reading, my book recommendations for the summer and why I want to go glamping under the apple trees … You can find it here.

I did loads of other fun stuff explaining the background of the book for the blog tour, and if you want to know more about my inspirations when I was writing, here are some of the highlights.

Playlist for You Don’t Know Me (care of Sister Spooky)

Top 10 Books with Awesome Playlists (care of Sugarscape)

Loving and hating the internet (care of Fluttering Butterflies)

How characters get their names … (care of The Overflowing Library)

Cyberbullying: it could be you (care of Mostly Reading YA)




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