Hay Fever


I can finally announce that I’ll be talking at one of my favourite book festivals this year – Hay-on-Wye (on the border between England and Wales; go there, you’ll have a wonderful time).

I’m on at 4.00 on Thursday, 7th June (in half term) and I’ll be talking to the very lovely Lucy Peden from Bliss magazine, who helped inspire me to write The Look. You can book tickets to see us here. There is also a competition and a treat, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you about that bit yet. But it involves cake. Yes!

Oh, and Jacqueline Wilson’s on after me, talking about her book of poetry for girls called Green Glass Beads. So the big question is, will I be brave enough to go up to her in the author’s tent beforehand and introduce myself and say what a great inspiration she is asĀ  someone who really knows how to engage with her fans?

And will I be able to get tickets for Louise Rennison – another major heroine of mine – who’s talking the next day?

Very sadly, I’ll have to miss David Walliams, who’s talking to Chris Evans about his fantastic books for children on 31st May. David is one of those rare and very annoying celebrities who tries to write for children and then turns out to be REALLY REALLY GOOD AT IT. Unlike some *coughs* major international pop stars we could mention. AND he’s raised thousands and thousands for charity. AND he’s very funny. AND he’s brilliant on Britain’s Got Talent. AND he’s married to a supermodel. A real one. Stop it, David! Enough! Leave some room for the rest of us, I say. (But have you read The Boy In The Dress? Or Gansta Granny? They’re brilliant. They really really are.)

Anyway, go and see David if you can, but more to the point, come and see me! I’ll be in the signing tent afterwards, and I’d love to say hello.

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  1. sophiabennett says:

    Haha! One gets readers in the strangest ways … Hope you enjoy it. xxx

  2. chris says:

    Just doing a trawl for hayfever for our pollen barrier HayMax, and you popped up, so just wanted to say my daughter loves your books. Thank you, I’ll go and read one myself now I can see you’re a real person!

  3. sophiabennett says:

    It’s the Digital Stage at the Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye, on the border between England and Wales. (Very beautiful, green and lovely.)

  4. lilah says:

    where is the venue?

  5. sophiabennett says:

    Thank you, Sophie! It’ll be lovely to be back. xxx

  6. Sophie says:

    We can’t wait to have you! xx

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